I have always loved the beauty of volume lashes. Offering top quality services to my clients is my number 1 priority so I decided to wait until I had perfected my classic lashing skills before journeying to the russian volume technique. This past weekend I ventured to calgary to train with BEAUTY BOX (they are seriously amazing) to receive my volume lashing certificate. 

For those of you who are confused let me break down the difference between classic and volume lashing. Classic lashing is when 1 synthetic extension is applied to 1 natural lash, this is done on each and every one of your natural lashes. This technique is timeless and natural looking. It is more fitting for the client who has lots of natural lashes and wants that "added length" or "mascara but better" look. Volume lashing is different. It is when a "fan" or "bouqet" of thinner, lighter, softer, more flexible lashes is created by the lash artist for each and every one of your natural lashes DURING the appointment. volume lashing requires much less adhesive than classic lashing and the fans little lashes "wrap" around the natural lash creating much better retention than classic. So... heres the question so many people have.. WHY IS IT MORE EXPENSIVE? This technique takes much more time and product then the typical classic technique. It also requires special training and tons of practice to perfect. Because every lash is getting the beautiful bouquet of lashes rather than just one, your lashes will look much fuller and fluffier for a longer period of time. The volume technique is perfect for the client who has very sparse natural lashes or for anyone who is looking to achieve more drama, volume, and that "false lashes" look. That being said.... BECAUSE I am making each fan specially for each of your natural lashes, I can tailor any look you are wanting wether it be natural, dramatic or the perfect "in between" which most people love. 

I am SOOO EXCITED to be adding this service to my menu. JUST IN TIME FOR WEDDING SEASON TOO. Volume lashes are the PERFECT fit for a bride who wants beautiful full lashes but doesn't want to worry about strip lashes on her wedding day. UMM WINNING!!