2016!!! Welcome to my BEAUTY BLOG

2016 is here!!! Along with my overly procrastinated webite (insert monkey covering eyes emojii here).... I've been wanting to get an official website up for quite sometime but somewhere between being a stay at home mother and wife and being afraid of officially puting myself out there in the highly competitive and somewhat overdone "beauty blogger" world, I managed to put it off... for a year... (insert monkey.. again)  NEVERTHEFREAKINLESS it is here!! I have decided to come into 2016 swinging.. My goal is to post on the beauty blog as LEAST once a week... About my favorite makeup products, techniques, and best of all MAKEUP LOOKS AND TRENDS :) any other ideas of what you'd like to see or learn are oh so welcome as well... If you know me well you know how much I love makeup! (Let's get real, love is maybe an understatement..?) I really am so lucky to get to have a job that litterally feels like play time.

I'm going to make a confession.. a confession of a teenage..... SIKE by the time this post is done I'll be 20. happy birthday to ME TYSM.... my confession is this. One reason I was a bit nervous to get on the internet and do a beauty blog is because I think there is sometimes a stigma surrounding people who enjoy to, for a lack of a awesomer term, cake there face in all things gold and sparkly ;) Maybe it's something I makeup in my own head.. (get it? make    up?) I'm going to tell you a story to explain what I mean... One day there was a girl named felicia.. she had a full face of makeup on and spent 30 mins making sure her brows where on fleek.. she loved doing makeup. It was a creative outlet for her. Not to mention she felt fabulous when she wore it. Felicia had some grocery shopping she needed to get done so she hopped in her car and headed to walmart. In the baked goods isle, pondering upon whether or not she wanted cheese buns or a 100 percent whole grain quinoa spinach loaf, she got approached by a lady who told her "oh you are such a pretty girl, you dont need all that makeup on to be pretty you know." Felicia felt beautiful with makeup on no doubt, but she refrained from telling the lady that she knew that already! She knew she didn't need a sparkly cutcrease or fierce contour to be pretty... she knew her beauty and most importantly her worth, did not depend on the amount of makeup she was wearing on her face. She just REALLY liked doing makeup. Ok so enough of the cheesy story telling, But you get what I'm saying now right? I think it's really easy for people to assume that when someone is covering there face up with product that they "dont see there beauty" or that they "are trying to hide behind a mask of makeup" That being said, I realize that sometimes those incredibly dark circles from 4 hours of sleep that night, or the huge zit between your forehead DOESN'T make you feel SUPER great. (like cause lets be real no one wakes up to a huge cystic zit screaming I LOVE IT GIVE ME MORE!!) and I think that is perfectly normal. Anyways.. Thats my secret! Always worrying that people would either discredit my self confidence or think I had too much was effecting me wanting start a beauty blog. I know silly right? 

Heres the truth though. The main reason I was so intrigued to become a makeup artist is because I think humans are SO DANG BEAUTIFUL. I know that sounds silly, but when you think about it... we are all so unique and different. Not only our looks and features but our talents our interests our things that make us, US. Billions of humans occupy this world and how many "YOUS" are there? JUST ONE. I'd say that alone makes us all pretty beautiful. Getting to work with so many beautiful people and use makeup to ENHANCE there ALREADY incredibly beautiful faces makes me feel creative, and seeing a half smile and a little extra confidence boost when they look in the mirror makes me feel inspired. AND THAT is why I love makeup so much :)